Commit 08b3491f authored by David Anderson's avatar David Anderson
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Removed bad str/num funcs

parent aad8f2bb
......@@ -35,16 +35,22 @@ native format(output[] ,len ,const format[] , {Float,_}:...);
native format_args(output[] ,len ,pos = 0);
/* Converts number to string. */
native numtostr(num,string[],len);
stock int_to_str(num, string[], len)
return numtostr(num, string[], len);
native num_to_str(num,string[],len);
/* Returns converted string to number. */
native strtonum(string[]);
native str_to_num(const string[]);
stock int_to_str(num,string[],len)
return num_to_str(num,string,len)
stock str_to_int(const string[])
return str_to_num(string)
stock numtostr(num,string[],len)
return num_to_str(num,string,len)
stock str_to_int(string[])
return strtonum(string)
stock strtonum(const string[])
return str_to_num(string)
/* Checks if two strings equal. If len var is set
* then there are only c chars comapred. */
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