Unverified Commit 1b89757c authored by s1lent's avatar s1lent

Remove debug print

parent 89e1730a
......@@ -130,7 +130,6 @@ cell AMX_NATIVE_CALL SetHookChainReturn(AMX *amx, cell *params)
printf("> SetHookChainReturn: called #3\n");
return FALSE;
......@@ -2377,7 +2377,7 @@ cell AMX_NATIVE_CALL rh_update_user_info(AMX *amx, cell *params)
cell AMX_NATIVE_CALL rh_drop_client(AMX *amx, cell *params)
enum args_e { arg_count, arg_index, arg_msg };
client_t *pClient = clientOfIndex(params[arg_index]);
......@@ -2386,7 +2386,7 @@ cell AMX_NATIVE_CALL rh_drop_client(AMX *amx, cell *params)
AMXX_LogError(amx, AMX_ERR_NATIVE, "%s: player %i is not connected", __FUNCTION__, params[arg_index]);
return FALSE;
char messagebuf[256];
g_RehldsFuncs->DropClient(g_RehldsSvs->GetClient(params[arg_index] - 1), false, getAmxString(amx, params[arg_msg], messagebuf));
return TRUE;
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