Unverified Commit ec11f8ad authored by s1lent's avatar s1lent

Fixes #134 rh_get_mapname fixed incorrectly get length argument

parent c00ded59
......@@ -2270,18 +2270,17 @@ enum MapNameType { MNT_TRUE, MNT_SET };
cell AMX_NATIVE_CALL rh_get_mapname(AMX *amx, cell *params)
enum args_e { arg_count, arg_output, arg_len, arg_type };
enum args_e { arg_count, arg_output, arg_maxlen, arg_type };
cell* dest = getAmxAddr(amx, params[arg_output]);
size_t length = *getAmxAddr(amx, params[arg_len]);
switch ((MapNameType)params[arg_type])
case MNT_TRUE:
setAmxString(dest, g_szMapName, length);
setAmxString(dest, g_szMapName, params[arg_maxlen]);
case MNT_SET:
setAmxString(dest, g_RehldsData->GetName(), length);
setAmxString(dest, g_RehldsData->GetName(), params[arg_maxlen]);
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