Commit cba8d321 authored by Ecklory's avatar Ecklory

Support zabbix 4.0, refactoring, deleted unused script

parent 573531b0
......@@ -120,7 +120,7 @@ systemctl restart zabbix-agent.service
2. Assign the template to a host that you want to monitor.
3. Added macro:
- {$ZABBIX_SERVER_IP} = your zabbix server ip
- On one node of cluster set MACRO `{$GROUPNAME}` = `REAL_ZABBIX_GROUP`. This group must include all nodes of the cluster.
- On one node of cluster add `{$GROUPNAME}` = `REAL_ZABBIX_GROUP`. This group must include all nodes of the cluster.
Only this one node will be triggered cluster status (low level discovery added aggregate checks of cluster health).
- If you have an X-Pack or Opendistro, then you need to add `{$ES_USER}` and `{$ES_PASSWORD}`.
- If the elasticsearch address is not standard, add `{$ES_ADDRESS}` (Possible values are - `(http | https)://host:port`).
if [ -z "$prefix" ]; then
echo "Not define prefix."
exit 1
sed "s/elasticsearch./$prefix.elasticsearch./g" -i template_elasticsearch_service.xml
sed "s/None_pfx/$prefix/g" -i template_elasticsearch_service.xml
echo "Done."
exit 0
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